20 Jun

PIXizer, Free Online Image Resizer

PIXizerLast week, my wife was bugging me to resize some of the pictures that we took from our recent road trips so she can post it on Friendster. I was really busy and didn’t have the time to open Photoshop and do all those work. I could have taught her how to use it but you know how it is with girls… I would end up doing all the work anyway. So I came up with the idea of creating a simple web app that will resize pictures for her. So simple that all she has to do is upload an image file, select the size that she wants and click a button. So I figured, that would only take me half an hour to do. This supposedly half an hour project became a weekend project for me. I saw its potential to become a very useful tool for other people who just want an easy way to resize their pictures. So I added a few more features to the site (yes, it has it’s own domain now) to accomodate other users.

If you’re interested, this tool can be found at http://pixizer.com. It is still in beta so you might find some bugs while you’re using it. If you happened to find bugs or just want to send your feedback, please let me know. I have more plans for this site so check it out often. Who knows, you might end up using this site more than your Photoshop 😉