Change is coming…

Change is coming…

A 70-year Old Bodybuilder, My New Inspiration

Sir, you are my new inspiration! I used to say I wanted to live up to 100 years old. But with that body, I think I’d want to live 120.

I Passed The 400 Challenge Today

I wasn’t aware there’s a scoring for this Athlean-X challenge. Last Monday, I did it in 19 minutes and today I finished in 15 minutes and 6 seconds. Apparently, my time just barely made it to the passing grade. Here’s how the scoring goes:

Beat the Boss – 7:12
Extreme – less than 8 minutes
Elite – between 8 and 11 minutes
Pro – between 11 and 14 minutes
Solid – between 14 and 17 minutes
Basix – more than 17 minutes

If I had fallen in the Basix, I would have to repeat the first three weeks of the program and retest again. A pass is a pass, LOL!

4th Week on The Athlean-X Training Camp

Wohoo!!! Just finished my “Athlean 400 Challenge” today. Oh man, what a difference. I think I grew stronger. So here’s the challenge for today:

- 100 Pushups
- 100 Inverted rows
- 100 Body-weight Squats
- 100 Full Sit-ups

The goal is to complete all 400 reps in any sets that you can and as quickly as you can. For me, I did 25-25-20-30 of pushups, squats, inverted rows and sit-ups. Everything was all done in 19 minutes. That’s a good accomplishment for me. Although in the last set, I rested a couple of seconds twice in between the pushups and inverted rows. It was still a good result though. Before, I couldn’t even do 10 pushups and today, a hundred! Are you kidding me, that’s pretty damn good!

Tried Out My New Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower

As soon as I opened the box, first thing I did was to charge the two batteries. They came with a little bit of charge in them so it didn’t take very long get them to fully charge. Normally, it takes 90 minutes to fully charge each battery. So I had a chance to try the lawn mower today and oh man, this little machine is impressive!!! I didn’t think the small 40V battery has that much juice to power a mower. It’s freaking quiet too! As in I can probably mow my lawn at 3:00 in the morning and my neighbors won’t even notice. This mower is also very light. I think it’s about 40 lbs in total weight. My old gas mower was self propelled and I always use it but with this one, I can push it with one hand with no problem at all. I’m happy with this purchase and I hope it will last as long as my old mower.

And that was all left after doing two passes on my lawn today. It still has about 25% juice in it.

Bought A New Ryobi 40V Lithium Ion Cordless Mower

I’m going green baby! Getting rid of my 8 year old Craftsman gas powered mower and going with cordless battery mower. I’ve been searching for a while now and finally landed on the Ryobi Li-Ion mower. I was originally looking at the Black & Decker CM1936 and WORX WG788, both are 19″ and powered by 36V lead acid battery. They got impressive reviews online but I was a skeptical about the lead acid battery. They make the mower very heavy, around 90 lbs total weight with them. Then I came across the Greenworks 25322 G-MAX, which is very similar to this Ryobi (it actually looks like a clone) but they are not available in my local stores. It has good reviews online as well and it’s only $275 plus tax as of this writing on That’s $130 less than the B&D and WORX but because this version is the 16″ model. Greenworks has the 19″ version, the 25292, and also comes with two Li-Ion batteries but the price is $430. With the size of my lawns, 16″ is more than enough for me.

I almost pulled the trigger on Greenworks but I found out about the Ryobi when I was reading some reviews online. I know that Home Depot is the exclusive store for Ryobi so I called the store nearest me and luckily they still have a couple in stock. I compared the specs and they are very similar except that the Greenworks one only comes with one battery while the Ryobi comes with two Li-Ions. Although, the Ryobi is priced at $349, it’s still a good deal because the battery alone will already set you back $120. I know I’m gonna need an extra battery if I wanted to mow both front and back lawns on my house at the same day. The 3 year warranty and 90 day risk free guarantee was also a good deal for me since this is the first non-gas mower that I’m going to own and I don’t know how long it will last before it breaks down or if I’m gonna like it at all.

Hi There Miss Scuba Diver!

Cal Academy

I think my son is trying to get her phone number.

Photos: California Academy of Sciences

..Cal AcademyCal AcademyCal AcademyCal Academy
Cal AcademyCal AcademyCal Academy.Cal Academy.
Cal Academy.....
Cal Academy.Cal AcademyCal AcademyCal AcademyCal Academy

What a gorgeous day to spend the Martin Luther King holiday at the Cal Academy in San Francisco. I wish it was my holiday too. I had to take a personal leave from work so I can spend time with my wife and kids. My parents haven’t been here so we took them along with us.

It’s a sad day but still a 49ers faithful here. Congrats Seahawks!

It’s a sad day but still a 49ers faithful here. Congrats Seahawks!

49ers Players On The Way To The Airport

49ers Players On The Way To The Airport

I saw three of this bus on 101 around 5pm today on my way home from work. They are escorted by police. I think they were heading to San Jose airport to fly to Seattle for the Sunday’s game. I had no idea it was the 49ers. I just learned from the news after I got home.

Got Speed?


Carmela is test fitting a go-kart.

Photos: International Auto Show 2014

.Lexus LFALexus LFAMcLarenMcLarenMcLaren
BMW i3..Aston Martin Vantage SSan Jose International Auto Show.
Nissan Datsun 240ZNissan Datsun 240ZNissan Datsun 240ZNissan Skyline GT-R R32Nissan GT-RNissan Fairlady Z
Nissan Fairlady ZNissan Fairlady ZNissan Fairlady ZNissan Datsun 240Z.2014 Dodge SRT Viper

International Auto Show 2014, a set on Flickr.

Checked out and sat on some of the hottest new cars of 2014 such as the Corvette Stingray, one of my favorites in the show room. There’s also a bunch of exotics specially those ones by Canepa, the Porsche 959 and Bugatti Veyron. There’s also the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a beautiful machine. On one of the corners were a group of the Nissan “Z” cars, from the Datsun 240Z and its Japanese counterpart, the Nissan Fairlady Z to the new Nissan GT-R. The 240Z reminded me of my old 280Z back in the Philippines. The new BMW i3 was also present. It’s a nice electric urban car but definitely not for me. On the other hand, the new BMW 4-series looked very handsome. A definite candidate when we decide to retire our E46.

Really, one of the reasons we came to the show, besides the fact that it is a family tradition, is to check the SUVs. The medium-size SUVs claiming a 7 or 8-seater are very disappointing. Not only the third row seat is cramped on all of them, but they are not very functional too. I believe those third-row seats are just gimmicks. If you want a comfortable and spacious third row, you would have to look at the full size SUVs like the Suburbans and the likes. But then, be ready to pay premium on gas. I guess, we’ll be sticking with our trusty, roomy and useful Odyssey until the kids are all grown up.

March of the Penguins Made My Daughter Cry

Kids and I are watching “March of the Penguins.” It was at the part where a strong storm came and one of the mother penguins lost her chick and died and started to squeal. I noticed Carmela was wiping her eyes. My baby girl was crying too :)

What A Great Way To Start 2014 At Work

First day of work for 2014 and we are already going out for a party this afternoon We are celebrating a good financial report for 2013. That’s hard work paying off! Go AgilOne!

It already sucks having December 31 fall in the middle of the week. But a meeting before new year’s eve?

It already sucks having December 31 fall in the middle of the week. But a meeting before new year’s eve?

Got A New GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

I just pulled the trigger on the latest camera from GoPro, the Hero3+. The Black Edition is supposed to be their top of the line and bears all the awesome features of Hero3+. I wasn’t really in the market for another video camera since I already have a Contour. I was originally shopping for the new Nikon AW 1 to take to Hawaii but I weighed the features and usability on both, GoPro is really what I need. At least after our trip, I can use this again for my cycling and motorcycling rides. I’m already thinking of getting the LCD Touch BacPac and a bunch of other accessories for this. Can’t wait to try it out.

Happy Holidays from the Lubong Family

On behalf of my family, we would like to wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and blessed new year ahead! Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Lubong Family

OBDII Code P1397 On My BMW Z3

OBDII Error Code P1397 (BMW Z3) - Camshaft Position Sensor (Exhaust Side)

I just pulled a code on my BMW Z3 today using my OBDII Scanner and it looks like I had to replace another Camshaft Position Sensor on my Z3. It’s the exhaust side this time. About 4 years or 5,000 miles ago (hahaha, I don’t drive the Z3 that much anymore), I had replaced the intake side sensor. I knew the exhaust side would be next. I was gonna replace both of them at the same time but I waited ’til it threw an error. That little thing cost me around $110. I just checked the price on this faulty sensor and it’s about $40 – not too bad. It’s better than bringing my car to the “stealership” and I’m pretty sure they would want to charge me close to $500 to replace that thing.

Be Positive

Be Positive

“BE POSITIVE”… says my blood.

Whatever it is you’re going through right now, always stay positive! God has a reason for everything. You just have to put your faith in Him.

My Son’s Prayer

Raphael’s prayer this evening:

“God, please help me to grow up so I can press the button on the tv”